We have brokered insurance deals for thousands of union and non-union Films, Television and Entertainment projects, including Academy Award winners and top-grossing movies.

We have experience working with numerous national and international productions, music and theatrical tours, local and traveling festivals, nightclubs, sporting events, venues, top-name promoters and performers.

We assist business managers, producers, CFO's, CEO's, CTO's, and Risk Mangagers by handling their unique insurance needs of their clients and businesses.  

NFR provides very specialzed insurance for and required by distributors, studios, networks, location services, equipment rentals, payroll services, event planners and large event companies.

NFR consistently keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry as a whole, to determine which insurance company is offering the best terms depending on your project's needs.

We will carefully review the quotes for exclusions and conditions that directly affect our client's business.

We take pride on becoming our client's liasison as we represent their best interests in every insurance transaction.

Let NFR help you effectively negotiate an entertainment insurance portfolio.